A Legacy of Tradition and Giving

Over a century ago, Hutchison School was founded on a legacy. This legacy began when Miss Mary Grimes Hutchison dedicated her life and career to instilling academic excellence in her students. In the decades since, Hutchison continues to educate young women for success in college and beyond for lives of integrity and responsible citizenship. 
Legacies are an integral part of Hutchison. There are the legacies of families whose grandmothers, aunts, mothers and sisters attended the school. There are the legacies of learning, critical thinking, honor, citizenship and service that our teachers have bestowed. And there are the legacies of beloved Hutchison traditions that continue to this day.
Hutchison has also enjoyed a legacy of generosity and giving from our alumnae and friends. Through their generosity and commitment, the School continues its tradition of excellence both in the classroom and as we prepare our girls for the future.
The following pages outline a number of ways to give—creative ways that can allow you to carry on this legacy of giving and receive benefits in return. For example:
  • You will learn how to give in ways that can actually "give back" for a time, providing you extra income in retirement years or to help fund educational expenses and other needs.
  • You will see how to save money on income, gift and estate taxes and redirect those amounts for use in ways you choose.
  • You will enjoy your giving more, knowing you are supporting Hutchison in ways that allow you to give the most you can at the lowest possible cost.
  • You can also add meaning to your gift by using it to honor a special friend or loved one.
  • By making an estate planned gift to Hutchison, you join other committed friends with inclusion in our 1902 Society. 

As you will see, there are many options and advantages to making an estate planned gift. Each and every gift we receive allows us to carry on the legacy that Miss Hutchison began. 


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